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 Concerto ResourcesFour Simple Ways     September 19, 2020  
Four Simple Ways

Four Simple Ways to Access Your Concerto's Digital Voices

Your Concerto is a power tool allowing you to access the world of digitally sampled voices in four easy to use methods. Here is an overview of these 4 methods.

  1. The basic factory 8 registers (example - factory register #1 is piano with strings)
    With the instrument in the Factory Mode - simply press one of the eight factory register buttons.
  2. Using the 32 tone buttons as an electronic accordion
    1. The simplest way to start is with factory register 1 - right from power up. The featured sound is Piano with strings.
    2. Simply press one of the 32 tone buttons and you have that sound instead of the piano. It is just like playing a traditional electronic accordion.
  3. Programming personalized factory type generic registers. Making your own personalized registers that work with your various styles of music.
  4. Programming specific registers for a song - use this method when you want to show off the power of the Concerto. Use the advance butterfly switch on your expression pedal to advance the sequence of sounds and events.
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