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 Concerto ResourcesAssigning MIDI Controls to Footswitches     September 19, 2020  
Assigning MIDI Controls

Assigning MIDI Control Functions to Footswitches

The foot switches A, B & C of your Concerto may access any MIDI function or play any midi note with any assigned sound drum sounds. This handout will cover assigning the MIDI control functions to the footswitches.

For the exercise you will need your Concerto with 4 way footswitches plus the Concerto MIDI implementation chart.

Control change functions alter the sound of notes while you are playing – and are often used for such effects as the sustain-pedal effect on a piano. There are two types of Control Change effects – Continuous and Momentary. Since the footswitches are only momentary devices you should confine your Control Change numbers to 64 thru 127 – as the numbers 0-63 are used for continuous controller devices such as volume knobs and expression or pedals.

Assigning a footswitch to turn ON or OFF an Effect

  1. Go to the desired Register where you want to add the effect.
  2. Press the Select Button and one of the four Effect buttons such as Touch.
  3. Press the Next key until you find the footswitch pedal such as Footswitch C
  4. Make sure the screen reads FS C Control
  5. Use the Rhythm Button to change the Control number to read 93 (look at your Midi Implementation Chart under Control Change and see what Control Change 93 does)
  6. Turn ON any section of your Concerto where you want the function to have the effect
  7. To Exit programming press the EXIT button
  8. To SAVE your register press SELECT and EXIT then press the Register button to write

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